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Tuck Under

Shoulders, over which a snippet of conversation drifts. The edge of things; a horizon at morning, a whispered word that hovers, poignant with unintended meaning. A sky of woolen blanket, a sleepy nudge and the sun sneaks through between it … Continue reading

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Sample, Los Angeles and Chicago

Why do I keep these things? I find them in pockets sometimes, or in the back of a desk drawer. Or on a dresser top, buried under books and papers. Sometimes they are receipts—do I keep them because I fantasize … Continue reading

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79 Miles Per Hour

Train travel is a paradox. It takes great hunks of time, especially here in the West where the distances between things are measured in hours and days, not minutes. It cuts me off from the everyday world of phone calls, … Continue reading

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Alcatraz Avenue

Alcatraz Avenue. Watercolor on paper, 9.5 x 18.0 inches, 2016. Since beginning graduate school, my painting has suffered. I have had very little time for anything other than my studies, and (as is usually the case when I get busy) … Continue reading

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A split in the arts

The art world is… split right down the middle. On the left side is an ascetic world of dour dioramas and evergreen minimalism. It lives in Kunsthalles and white cubes. It is protected from the vagaries of the marketplace by … Continue reading

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Richard Misrach on the U.S.-Mexico Border

All the photographs are about found objects — shotgun shells from a Border Patrol shooting range, a soccer ball, a boot, a Spanish translation of Doctor Zhivago — that are banal but laden with meaning. I’m always on the lookout for the anomalous…. It … Continue reading

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Quotes: On Being “Off Modern”

Has Art itself become a mere outtake, a long footnote to the human history? In the United States it is technology, not culture, that is regarded to be a space for innovations. Art, it seems, has overstayed its welcome. But … Continue reading

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Is this a New “City Beautiful?”

Alain de Botton believes that some cities are beautiful, and some are not, and that there are six ways to make the latter into the former: Order and Variety Visible Life Compact[ness] Orientation and Mystery Scale Local[ism] Kristin Hohenadel. “Why … Continue reading

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Quotes: Outsiders vs. Authenticity of Place

Can a place be potent enough that its character can survive the influx of newcomers? Craig Damrauer thinks so: The question, then, is whether too many people will come down to New Orleans, like me, and settle here. Enough people … Continue reading

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Quotes: The Tweeness of Renaming Neighborhoods

Plenty of others could see the changes in our neighborhood. To some, these changes spelled opportunity. Actually, they spelled “NOBE.” In the fall of 2012, local real estate agents attempted to brand our area “North Oakland/Berkeley/Emeryville.” One agent produced a … Continue reading

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