The Addendum

Brushwork and big plans

Recently, I was notified of an exciting opportunity to further my education: I was accepted into a graduate program at the University of California Berkeley. I am very excited by this, and looking forward to it tremendously. However, this new opportunity also means that I will be moving, as well as taking on some tremendous expenses.

As a result, I’ve had to make a hard decision: I am willing to let some paintings go. I really do not want to sell these, but I think it’s the right choice. All proceeds will go towards cost of living and/or books and tuition at UC Berkeley for the crucial first semester, starting in August 2013.

Morning Rush, Portland. Watercolor on paper, 16x25 inches, 2007.

Morning Rush, Portland. Watercolor on paper, 16x25 inches, 2007.

The first painting I am placing is Morning Rush, Portland. This is one of the largest watercolors I have yet completed, with the image area being 16 inches high by 25 inches wide. This image is part of a series I began focusing on subjects found along the route of former U.S. Highway 99W in Oregon. In this case, the scene is the top deck of the 1912 built Steel Bridge in Portland, with a MAX light rail train passing over it.

This painting is being offered at $2,100.

Liquidated, watercolor on paper, 16 x 25 inches, 2009.

Liquidated, watercolor on paper, 16 x 25 inches, 2009.

The second painting I am offering is Liquidated, another of the same 99W series of images. Like Morning Rush, Portland, this is a large image, measuring 16 inches by 25 inches.

This painting is listed at $2,100.

McKim Mead & White's unbuilt Portland station design

The third and final painting I am offering is this rendering of McKim, Mead & White’s unbuilt rail station for Portland, Oregon. This illustration was created specifically for an article I wrote for Portland Architecture on this never built masterpiece structure, and you may read more about its creation here. This is a watercolor and ink rendering and also rather large, measuring 12 inches high by 20 inches wide.

The price for this piece is $1,600.

To purchase any of these paintings, there are three options. You may contact me directly via email. You may also call and leave a message for me at 503.347.4059. If you don’t want to wait, and don’t mind electronic payments, see the pantings for sale page.

Lastly, if you have specific projects or commissions you want to consider, see my Creative Services page.

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