The Addendum

Photo Call

For all of my transit geek photographer friends: I am working on a project related to modern streetcars. I need a few specific images and I am writing to see if any of you may have some:

• Signs or picketers protesting streetcar lines, e.g. anti-streetcar signs in Cincinnati would be great.
• Streetcars in Little Rock or Tampa, Florida, or any other line that uses those GOMACO built reproduction streetcars.
• The Memphis Trolley
• The New Orleans Streetcar
• Modern streetcar passengers, both boarding cars as well as riding them. Artistic and highly stylized images are welcome.

If you have any such images, please email me at I cannot promise massive payment but, if your images get published, I will send you a stupidly tiny check as a thank you, plus you will get a credit in a national publication.

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