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Portland bridge lovers: Help out Zeb

Normally I use this space to talk about my own photography and writing, or sometimes about the subjects that I tend to focus on: land use and transportation, cultural geography, and industrial archaeology. Today though, I want to highlight a project from someone else, the bridges of Portland as photographed by Zeb Andrews.

Zeb has been making images of the bridges of Portland for some time now, mostly the Fremont and St. Johns. In recent months, however, Zeb began to make a series that was meant to capture the essence of all of Portland’s varied bridges. Anyone who knows much about my photographic tastes knows that bridges are a strong draw for me as well, so it should be no surprise that I looked forward to each new image as Zeb revealed them on his Flicker stream. Check them out yourself and I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re great stuff.

Now, Zeb is trying to take this series to the next step, and share it with the world beyond Flicker with an exhibit and a book. Unfortunately, exhibits are not cheap, especially once you add up the costs of all the matts, frames, and such.

In short, Zeb needs your help. Zeb is raising money for this exhibit on Kickstarter, a site for creative fundraising.

The premise of Kickstarter is simple: within a given time frame, people can pledge to support a specific project proposal such as Zeb’s. If the total is reached before the deadline, then your pledge is paid out, and the project moves forward. If the total isn’t reached by the deadline, nobody pays anything. Payments are all handled through Amazon, a solid proven e-commerce provider.

By supporting Zeb’s project, you’ll help be part of seeing his work in an exhibit sometime this year. If altruism isn’t enough alone, Zeb’s offering a range of thank-you gifts, from postcards and postcard sets to prints to a book of images from the series.

For full disclosure, I have nothing vested here other than seeing some cool photos get some good exposure. I only really know Zeb through his work on Flickr and the fact that he’s usually the guy behind the counter at Blue Moon Camera when I pick up or drop off film.

So if you like Zeb’s bridge images, consider going over and making a pledge to support his project. The pledge period ends July 28th and any donation, no matter how small, will help.

And to Zeb, best of luck, and I look forward to my set of thank-you postcards.

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