The Addendum

Quote: Hyper-specific Businesses

Jerry Seinfeld: “What if everyone just did what they liked? Would the world work?”

Fred Armisen:  “Boy, that’s a good question.”

Jerry Seinfeld: “Isn’t that Portland? Isn’t everyone in Portland doing just what they want?”

Fred Armisen: “Yes. There’s a thing that happens in this city that is this: people open these businesses that are so specific, and, they stay in business! So they have an idea, they’re just like, I’m gonna do a spoon and cup store, and I come back year after year, and they’re still going, they’ve got great real estate, and where…? who’s…?”

Jerry Seinfeld, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Season 5, Episode 5, January 6, 2015. Retrieved from

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