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On Retronaut

Mashable calls itself “a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.” (Mashable web site, footer, retrieved January 24, … Continue reading

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Historic Preservation, Unusual Artifacts, and the Big Preservation Question

Historic preservation is difficult under even the most ideal conditions, but it is all the more difficult when the subject is—important or not—odd or obscure. Thus we have the case of the last dual gauge streetcar track in Portland. Its … Continue reading

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Brushwork and big plans

Recently, I was notified of an exciting opportunity to further my education: I was accepted into a graduate program at the University of California Berkeley. I am very excited by this, and looking forward to it tremendously. However, this new … Continue reading

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Getting to know dead people

Being a writer with a strong interest in the region’s history, I find myself running across certain names with great repetition. It is hard, for example, not to read about the Ladds in Portland, or John McLoughlin in the pre-territory … Continue reading

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Upcoming: Presentation on the Mount Tabor streetcar line

Interested in the past, present, and future of streetcars in Portland? Since late last year, the Architectural Heritage Center has been celebrating the city’s streetcars, first with “Streetcars Build a City”, an exhibit of streetcar artifacts, as well as with … Continue reading

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Announcement: Presentation on railroad architecture in Portland!

Interested in architecture, the history of American expansion, the Gilded Age, or rail transportation? If so, consider yourself invited to attend Railroad Architecture and the Northwest: Economics, Ethos, and Culture, an educational program given by me at the Architectural Heritage … Continue reading

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Recent publications update

Fresh from the post and the printers: the “Portland Switching District Project: An Overview” in the National Railroad Historical Society Bulletin It’s been a busy spring, and there’s a few more publications to add to the list. First up: “The … Continue reading

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Ultimate Intent?

East Second Avenue, 2008. From the the Portland Switching District Project. This April, I completed the run of my first photo exhibit, a short preview show of selected images from the Portland Switching District Project. The show was hosted at … Continue reading

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Joel Jensen, Depots, and a Collaboration

Baker, Oregon. PHOTO: Joel Jensen After months of work, a project I am quite proud of is about to become available. Nearly a year ago, I was approached by fellow photographer Joel Jensen. Joel has been photographing scenes of the … Continue reading

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Historic Hyper-Localism and Portland Culture

Is the knowledge of fringe, obscure historical remnants like these traces of the former industrial past of the Central Eastside — and the stories behind them — part of the uniqueness of Portland cultural DNA? What makes up the cultural … Continue reading

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