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Recent publications update

Fresh from the post and the printers: the “Portland Switching District Project: An Overview” in the National Railroad Historical Society Bulletin It’s been a busy spring, and there’s a few more publications to add to the list. First up: “The … Continue reading

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Another publication… or dozen… or more.

I was updating my comprehensive publications list over at civics21.org and it really hit home to me, this year has been one of a lot of writing. There are, so far, 21 bylines from 2011 alone, and the year is … Continue reading

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G9 on Assignment

King Street Station, Seattle, 2010. Now and then, I go into the field tasked with a photography assignment. Usually these are journalism related jaunts, requiring color work. In the old days — by which I mean about two years ago … Continue reading

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Transportation news you can actually use

Michael Andersen recently quit his day job as a newspaper reporter to start a mini newsmagazine for the Portland area’s “bus, bike, and low-car” population. Transportation politics — especially bike and transit politics — can be fascinating stuff, especially to … Continue reading

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Social Media World = Pre Gutenberg?

Via the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University, Professor Thomas Pettit describes the decentralized media world of Social Media to be a world that is largely like the pre-Gutenberg era. Petit describes the matter in a video on Vimeo: Thomas … Continue reading

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We Make The Media: Initial thoughts

Today — assuming I get this post up before midnight — was the We Make The Media event in Portland. For those who were not following this topic, this was a conference at which the future of Portland’s media scene … Continue reading

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