Fall 2014: American Cultural Landscapes, 1600-1900

17th Century map of James River settlements of Virginia, by Johannes Vingboons.

American Cultural Landscapes, 1600-1900 | Dr. Paul Groth
GEO C160A | Env Des. C169A | Amer Stu 112A

Note: Books may not be available at the campus bookstore(s). (The Reader, however, is available from Copy Central on Bancroft as normal.) See the BOOKS section at the bottom of this page for sources.


Section Guidelines [PDF]
Midterm Slide Previews [PPT]


You may be able to find your books from local bookstores such as Moe’s or Pegasus Books. Please note that just because Pegasus lists a book on its web site, it does not mean they will stock them in the store. Your best bet is to call them or visit.

If you wish to, you may also order them via Amazon. Please note that students can usually get a really cheap deal on Amazon Prime membership, which gets you next day shipping for the price of normal shipping. For your convenience, here are the books you will need:

jpeg-2Daniel Boorstin, The Americans: The National Experience.
$11.73 at Amazon.com | $17.95 at Pegasus Books

jpegWilliam Cronon, Nature’s Metropolis.
$14.25 at Amazon.com | $19.95 (hardback) at Pegasus Books

jpeg-1Upton Sinclair, The Jungle, Bedford/St Martin’s edition.
$17.37 at Amazon.com | $19.50 at Pegasus

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