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Paul Groth: Downtown Oakland, late 1970s.

Spring 2017 / American Cultural Landscapes, 1900-Present
GEO C160B | Amer Stu C112B

Alexander Benjamin Craghead, Acting Instructor

FINAL EXAM LOCATION: 145 McCONE (normal lecture hall) Thursday, May 11, 8 am to 11 am

Additionally, students are encouraged to see their GSI. They are:


Readers may be purchased at the Copy Central location at 2576 Bancroft Way. Additionally, two copies of the reader are on course reserve, one at the Earth Sciences & Map Library in McCone Hall, the other at the Environmental Design Library in Wurster Hall.

There are also two required books:

Sinclair Lewis, Babbitt (any edition will do)
D. J. Waldie, Holy Land: A Suburban Memoir (2005 edition)

Copies may be purchased (or rented, although they are very cheap to buy anyway,) at the Cal Student Store. Additionally, a copy of each has been placed on course reserve at the Moffit Library.


Syllabus [PDF] [Last Updated January 10, 2017]
Library Resources Presentation by David Eifler [PDF]
Research guide for ED 169 from the Environmental Design Library
Slide review for final exam prep [PDF]

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